Store Policy...

Golden Rule Policy
It is not our intention to burry you in rules and policy requirements, but to outline the points that have been issues over the past 15 years of business in our various divisions on the internet . We believe honesty is the best policy in conducting business in any form and we expend a great deal of effort to treat our customers as we ourselves would be treated. In all Home decor divisions items are not sold unless they pass our quality specifications and items we would have in our own homes and offices. We believe all customers and money are gifts from God.

Shipping and Product Availability
Due to the international popularity of these products, we can't guarantee that all products are always available for normal shipment in 1 to 14 business days. All of the products are in stock at the time of catalog load, but our stock changes daily. You will be notified that your item has been back ordered and when we expect the item to ship. Since much of the inventory is handmade in our own shop, the delay is minimal. No orders will be back order will be continued beyond 30 business days without your request. Understand before you purchase, this is the nature of the silk business and is beyond our immediate control. All customer back orders will ship in the order in which they where received. Currently 99.7% of all orders have been shipped within 1 to 5 business days.

30 Day Guarantee
Because of our confidence in the products we sell, Our items come with a 30 day guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction policy. You may return the item for a refund of purchase price no questions asked.The procedure for returns are set forth in the returns section of this document. Please understand, the procedures and requirements for packing and return shipment are critical and must be followed in order to complete the return and receive your refund. They are not difficult or hard to do or understand. Returned products that must reconditioned for sale due to damage will be charged a maximum of 15% deducted from the refund. Rarely would this used unless there is excessive abuse to the product.

Damage in shipment: If the product gets damaged during shipping, we'll file a damage claim with the carrier. We require that you report the damage to us no longer than 5 days after the you receive the package and that the original box with it's packaging materials be saved to repack the package since the carrier will pick up the damage parcel to inspect it. Taking too long to report the damage or to no longer have the original box will result in the rejection of the damage claim by the carrier which means that we wont be able to issue a refund or credit for the damage product. It's your responsibility to make sure that you follow these procedures. When damaged product gets reported on time, we either reship a replacement item or issue a refund of all charges. Rarely happens but be prepared. We are not responsible for the actions of delivery carriers in any way or under any conditions. Our assistance in resolving problems caused by a carrier or their actions are provided as a service to you, not a requirement.
Normal Return: Repack the item in the original box packaged as received. If there is damage to the incoming box repack the original box inside another to insure protection. Call for a RMA number at: 912-832-6309. You may return by any carrier convenient for you. Please display the RMA number clearly on the box.

Return Address: - 4105 US Highway 17 South,Townsend,Ga. 31331

Things Silkpro are not responsible for:
1.We are not responsible for items damaged by the carrier. We will assist you in great lengths to resolve the problem or if returned replace the product.
2. We are not responsible items delivered by the carrier but not received by you. Customers having had items left "at the door" and then stolen assume that's our responsibility.
3. We do not operate under a customers perceived rules about the transaction. All terms of sale are clearly defined in our policy and the guidelines set forth by our partner in transactions, PayPal.